Honeypot consists of Frank Hartman (guitar, drums, vocals) and Chris Chamberlain (bass, backing, production). Heavily influenced by the classic rock bands of the 60s and 70s, Honeypot infuses a long musical history with elements of prog rock, classic rock, and grunge. The songs are socially conscious, politically-minded, and always of the moment. 

The latest single + video "Over the Line" is a timely release, coinciding with 2020 Election Season and eviscerating the entire two-party system. Frank explains, "The inspiration for the song is the deep divide we have as a country. There is a feeling of ‘us vs. them’ that should not be. It is a false illusion created by a Puppet Master who seeks to control through division. The point of the song is that it’s a false narrative, we are all Americans. We may have a difference of opinions, but our country should always come before the Party.” 

The current album On the B Side is the product of two life-long friends pulled in different directions by the wayward winds of life. The songs birthed from this tension represent the seven cardinal sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. The path is only seen when you look at it in hindsight. In spite of it all, the two brothers create something bigger than the sum of its parts. Exploring the banality of evil present in everyday life and driven for the search for substance in a world of superficial, immediate gratification.